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Shinyright Attend LED China Show
Date2014-3-14  Hits   Come fromPrint  Black
From February 23 to February 26, 2014, the tenth LED China was held in Guangzhou, China, with a total exhibition area of 80,000m2, 1,200 exhibitors and more than 50,000 visitors. This is the largest exhibition in the LED display industry.

Shinyright LED As the leading  LED display & lighting product manufacturer and intergated solution expert,which have strong advantages on  product production , technology improvement,sales channel,brand promotion .Through in-depth insight into the market, industry, customer and timely development of technological innovation, product innovation, manufacturing innovation, sales channel innovation, management system innovation, design and application of innovative solutions and practical innovation

We Just show our new design dimmable led light series, and small pixel series led display to worldwide viewers.

Hopefully we could meet with each other in LED China Show and work continually  for more fun !
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