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Advertising Media »
Case£ºFrankfurt Exhibition Center Super Led Media Round Screen
Case£ºWorld Expo Russia National Pavilion Creative Star Curtain Led Screen
Case£ºParadise Walk Bussiness Plaza Led Screen
Case£ºMalaysia Penang Square Media Led Screen
Stage Rental »
Case£ºAuto Guangzhou Show Stage Renal Led Screen
Case£ºUAE Royal Wedding Entertainment Center Led Screen
Case£ºFinland Truck Mobile Led Screen
Case£ºKazakhstan National Day Stage Dance Floor Led screen
Sports Venues »
Case£ºSpain Barcelona Gatorade Stadium Led Screen
Case£ºCentral American and Caribbean Games Stadium led screen
Case£ºBeijing Workers' Gymnasium Stadium Led Screen
Case£ºHarbin University Stadium LED screen
Municipal Engineering »
Case£ºHuangpu River Cruise Ship Government Led Screen
Case£ºRio de Janeiro Municipal Hall Government Led Screen
Case£º Beijing¨CShanghai High-Speed Railway (Changzhou Station) Government Led Screen
Case£ºDonghu Municipal Administration Mansion Led Screen
Commercial Real Estate »
Case£ºEthiopia CBE mansion Commercial Led Screen
Case£ºHuifeng RealEstate Commerical advertising Led Screen
Case£ºHongyi Plaza Biz Led Screen
Case£ºSankt-Peterburg Biz Street Real Estate Led Screen
Conference and Exhibition »
Case£ºDurban Urban and Suburban Planning Exhibit Center
Case£ºMontreal Conference Center Led screen
Case£ºMumbai Convention Centre Hotel Meeting Led Screen
Case£ºSingapore Fashion Show Led Screen
Radio and television program »
Case£ºLjublja Radio Station Led Screen
Case£ºRoad Management Radio Led Screen
Case£ºDnipropetrovsk Oblast TV Station Led Screen
Case£ºOpening Ceremony OF 3th International (Qingdao ) Sailing Week EVENT Led Screen
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