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AddressNo.538,Zhuansheng Road,Minhang District,Shanghai, China
Company Profile

Shinyright Industrial Inc. ( hereafter abbreviated as Shinyright LED,SRLED ) is  leading  LED display & lighting product manufacturer and intergated solution expert,which have strong advantages on  product production , technology improvement,sales channel,brand promotion .Through in-depth insight into the market, industry, customer and timely development of technological innovation, product innovation, manufacturing innovation, sales channel innovation, management system innovation, design and application of innovative solutions and practical innovation .We could meet people'srequirement in all kinds of markets. In aspect of indoor LED lighting and display , we could provide complete solution in the filed of families ,shopping malls ,offices,schools,hotels .while ,  in outdoor LED lighting and display, we could provide all sets of solution in urban landscapes ,roads(including road lighting and car lighting),the publics,Residential areas and playground. In addition, in the areas of gardening and water purification ,we also can provide the customized application solution .

Shinyright LED has installed tens of scoreboards and display systems and the indoor and outdoor lighting in more than 107 countries including Argentina,Russia,Mexico,Germany,Australia , Nigeria, Mongolia , Cambodia, Japan,Koran . We enjoy a strong reputation for delivering quality, reliable products, supported by in time service. SRLED customers are primary sport organizations and schools, businesses of all types and sizes, and government entities.

Shinyright LED products range from small scrolling boards to complete,integrated scoring and video systems, for all levels of sports competition; displays that promote large and small businesses,induding digital billboards; highway traffic and mass transit information display systems; and other LED related products.Shinyright LED offers the most complete line displays. We are an industry Top 3 in China, our SW technology used to show live video,instant replays, animation, graphics and other information in trillions of colors. The display size and resolution are varied to meet the specific viewing characteristics of the audience.

Shinyright LED offers many other types of computer-programmable displays and lighting for indoor and outdoor use. SRLED is committed to serving customers.

WE (Shinyright LED ) hope to get more work and cooperation with worldwide partners together to promote the development of  Led display & lighting industry !

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